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Fly Casting Instruction.

I am a qualified coach/instructor able to teach fly casting. I can teach all abilities from absolute beginners breaking into the sport through to more experienced anglers wanting to iron out existing problems, refine their skills or master casting techniques such as roll casting, the use of hauling and double hauling casting to improve fishing in windy conditions and presentation casts.

Any problems that you have can be corrected!

There are two main casts in fly fishing, which are the overhead cast and the roll cast, all other cast are made up in part out of the two basic casts in one form or another.

Roll Cast.

The roll cast is a basic cast that doesn’t take long to get to an acceptable level.

1. To straighten a slack line.

2.When you have an obstacle behind you.

3. When there is a strong wind coming from behind you.

4. To pick up your line off the water, or a sunk line or fly off the water, to re-cast.

5. To set a hook if you have slack line at your feet or have finished your retrieve.

Over Head Cast.

The basic over head cast will get you a line out, but to improve the cast you will need to be able to false cast and also move on to put hauls into your cast, either a single haul to the front or rear, or putting it all together and use the double haul.

False casting. will gain you more line speed and help you to change direction, by moving the line through an ark of about thirty degrees with each cast, so making easier to reposition your fly, also it will help you dry a dry fly off and as a by product can help you to extend a longer line.

Single Haul. To either the front or rear, this will give you more line speed,more load on the rod spring and  also tighten up the casting loop, which will cut into the wind easier and as a by product gain greater distance.

Double Haul. Is putting together both single hauls, this will give you faster tighter loops forward and backwards, then large distance casts can be achieved with out a problem,

Put all this together and the casts are endless, anything from a snake roll, switch cast,. all the spey casts and snap T to name a few. You can also learn how to perform all of these cast off your left shoulder, this will help you and also make casting a lot safer when the wind is blowing onto your right shoulder. If you are right handed this wind will make casting very dangerous as the fly will come very close to your body, or actually hit you, which you don’t want.

When you are fly casting remember to be safe at all times , ALWAYS wear protective glasses and a hat, better to be safe than sorry! even if you are only practising with a small piece of wool on your leader.

If you think it's not really worth bothering wearing glasses look at this link.

Under 16's -  £25 per hour ( Parent/Guardian must remain present)

OAP'S £25 per hour.

  1 Hour Lesson - £30
  2 Hour Lesson - £55
  3 Hour lesson - £75
  6 Hour Lesson - £130
Fly casting instruction lessons are taught at Caersws on my casting lawn or on the picturesque River Severn.
You can also have casting lessons at a place of your choice *
* These Items will be supplied at cost.
The above prices are for flycasting instruction and not guiding prices, please contact me for guiding prices.


Gift vouchers available for that special present to remember
All Deposits are non refundable (except in exceptional circumstances)
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